2020-2021: Help for people in need in 30 countries

Together with its partner organisations, the ASB currently helps people in 30 countries on four continents, where it provides a wide range of support services such as emergency aid, reconstruction, disaster risk reduction as well as helping people to help themselves. The aim is always to combat the causes of poverty and to strengthen people’s self-help skills.

The ASB’s work focusses on the following areas:

Disaster risk reduction: The threats caused by natural disasters, fragile contexts, food crises or pandemics can be systematically reduced through special training for people in particularly vulnerable countries. The ASB trains the affected population with a variety of measures such as emergency plans for evacuation or disaster readiness and initiates earthquake engineering or the use of plants that are more resistant to drought.

Provision of relief supplies: The ASB distributes essential relief supplies such as food, clothing and blankets to people who have been acutely affected by a disaster.

Water supply/sanitation facilities/hygiene: To prevent diseases and infections, the ASB provides people with clean water, sanitation facilities and hygiene items. In regions particularly affected by drought, the ASB is building wells.

Structural assistance: The ASB helps people to improve their professional skills, to secure a stable income, to receive social services when needed and to make their living environment disaster-proof. This includes measures such as the establishment of community nursing services, mobile care services and day nurseries, as well as the exchange of specialists.

Medical care: With its rapid response team, its health centres and mobile medical teams, the ASB provides medical aid to refugees and support to displaced people and victims of natural disasters. It is also committed to improving the health situation in other countries in the long term through nursing training and other structural measures.

Emergency shelters: Where people have to flee conflict or disaster, the ASB assists them by building and operating emergency shelters.

Building of houses: Where houses are destroyed by floods or earthquakes, the ASB helps the affected population to rebuild their homes. In doing so, it makes sure to use disaster-proof construction methods.

Cash Transfer: The ASB distributes (cash) money to the needy. They can then make an autonomous decision which goods they need from the local or regional market instead of lining up for ready-made relief packages. The money can also be given in form of ‘Mobile Money’, bank transfer or voucher.