Haiti: Emergency response after Hurrican Isaac

During the night of 24th August 2012, tropical storm Isaac hit Haiti and caused severe damage, in the region of Petit- and Grand-Goâve mainly caused by intense rainfall. Among other damages the rain washed away parts of many rural roads.

Image: ASB Haiti

ASB's local team assisted in preparation for the storm, evacuation activities during the storm and rapid assessments afterwards. During these assessments the teams were approached by several communities who asked for assistance in repairing damaged roads.

As these roads are vital not only to the general functioning of the communities but also for access to the schools that participate in ASB's ongoing DRR Education project, and hence for the successful continuation of the project, it was decided together with the affected communities to assist them through a distribution of tools which will enable members of the communities to repair damaged or destroyed parts of their roads.

ASB assistance

ASB distributed 10 tool kits to 10 communal sections of Petit- and Grand-Goâve consisting of pickaxes, hoes, shovels, wheelbarrows, gloves, rubber boots, rakes and machetes.

The tools will be distributed to CASECs and CCPCs of the identified communal sections. Repair of the access roads will then be organized by the communities in their own responsibility with mobilization and follow-up done by ASB personnel.

ASB assisted with mobilization and instruction of community members for repair of affected roads.

ASB in Haiti

Der ASB is working in Haiti sind 2010 with four internationalen and more than 30 lokal staff members. ASB projects focuses on emergency relief, rehabilitation and desaster risk reduction.

Projecttitel: Emergency Distribution of Tools for Road Repairs in Petit- and Grand-Goâve Following Tropical Storm Isaac
Projectregion: Municipalities of Petit-Goave and Grand Goave, Department Ouest, HaitiB
Beneficiaries: Population of 10 communal sections of Petit- and Grand-Goâve (5 in Petit-Goâve and 5 in Grand-Goâve)
Project costs: approx. 10.000 Euro
Funding: ASB funds
Project duration: 01.09. – 30.09.2012

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