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Emergency assistance for internally displaced persons in 2023 | Ukraine

The ASB helps the people of the western Ukrainian Lvivska Oblast and the Donetsk Oblast in the east of the country. Donetsk Oblast is under the temporary military control of the Russian Federation. The project activities in both regions are adapted to the context and living conditions of the people affected by the war: the ASB distributes cash assistance to internally displaced persons in Lvivska Oblast. The local partner HADC in Donetsk Oblast distributes food and hygiene products to IDPs. Aid is provided in particularly to women and children.

The project

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    Project title: Emergency assistance to IDPs in Ukraine

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    Project region: Lviv and Donetsk regions

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    Project financing: Nachbar in Not (NiN) with funds from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and ASB Austria

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    Project volume: € 2,008,606

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    Project duration: 01/03/2023 - 31/12/2023 (10 months)

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    Target group: Internally displaced persons, especially women and children

The intense fighting in Ukraine since 24 February 2022 has forced an enormous number of people to flee. One third of Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes. The war is having a dramatic impact on the country’s economy. After strong growth of 4% before the war broke out, economic output plummeted in 2022. As a result, millions of internally displaced persons lost their jobs. As they have had to leave their homes and workplaces, many people are no longer able to cover their rent and their everyday expenses. 43% of all families in Ukraine have already exhausted all of their savings. The need for humanitarian aid continues to grow.

How the ASB is helping in Ukraine

ASB supports Ukrainians with cash assistance


Lvivska Oblast in the west of the country hosts the largest number of internally displaced persons. Local markets and the housing market are therefore overloaded. As a result, the cost of essential goods and rent has risen rapidly. Millions of Ukrainians are suffering from the severe economic downturn. One of the main problems of the people of western Ukraine is that they do not have enough money to buy food and rent a flat. The ASB therefore supports families and individuals in need by providing cash assistance.

Food and hygiene products


Donetsk Oblast is temporarily under the military control of the Russian Federation. The need for humanitarian aid there is estimated to be greater than in the rest of Ukraine. The continuing fighting makes life extremely difficult for the people there. There are no jobs in the region, kindergartens and schools are closed, and access to medical and social services is limited. Even a slight shift in the front line can lead to the partial or complete destruction of households, forcing families to move to collective shelters. As direct support to the people under the temporary military control of the Russian Federation is not allowed, HADC – the ASB’s local partner – supplies food and hygiene products to collective shelters. These are then distributed to women and children.

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