Help for people with disabilities

ASB has a wide range of services to help people with disabilities. For example, whether they want to stay in their own home, pursue employment or look for sheltered accommodation.

ASB has a wide range of services to help people with disabilities.
Image: ASB/F. Pusch

People who are unable to work due to the severity of their disability can find employment opportunities that match their abilities and means to support them. In ASB workshops they receive assistance and appropriate remuneration for their services. Those, who are unable to work in a workshop due to the severity of their disability can find employment opportunities that match their abilities and means to support themselves in day activity centres.

ASB sheltered accommodation facilities provide people who are unable to live independently due to their disability with the necessary individual support, assistance and advice to help them structure their everyday life.

With ASB individual care services for people with severe disabilities, people who require intensive support have the option of staying in their own home and living a life they choose for themselves. Whether they are needed just a few hours a day or round the clock, ASB staff assist with personal care or household tasks, help with shopping or trips to local authorities or accompany people to school, university or work. ASB staff also make activities such as going to concerts and sports events easier.

ASB early learning centres provide individual support to pre-school children with a disability in order to encourage positive development.

ASB transport services preserve mobility in everyday life and transport people with a disability safely to their destination.

Social and psychiatric services

People with a mental illness have to battle numerous problems in their everyday lives. The social and psychiatric services offered by ASB help these people to cope with their mental problems.

The outpatient psychiatric care helps people to lead an independent life in familiar surroundings. This care supplements psychiatric medical treatment and helps to avoid discontinuation of treatment and hospitalisation.

Specially trained ASB staff visit people affected by mental illnesses on a regular basis and offer support in all aspects of their lives. Many of them find it difficult to pursue long-term employment or training. ASB day centres offer people with mental illness the opportunity to structure their daily routine around their interests and to interact with others. Here they are able to develop their skills in music, arts and crafts without the pressure to perform, and thus regain confidence in their own ability.

Anyone who is unable to remain in their current home due to their illness can find a new home, medical assistance and social support in assisted living facilities. The aim of these institutions is to promote the independence of residents and to prepare them for when they return to their own home.

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