Care for the elderly

ASB's care for the elderly wants to enable as many senior citizens as possible to lead a largely self-reliant life in their own home.

With a wide range of out-patient and in-patient services, ASB helps people to retain their independence in their old age.
Image: ASB/T. Ehling

With a wide range of out-patient and in-patient services, ASB helps people to retain their independence in their old age.

With the home emergency call system (tele care), senior citizens are guaranteed fast and competent assistance day and night. The ASB meals-on-wheels service delivers lunch directly to homes, either fresh every day or frozen to last the whole week.

Senior Clubs offer a wide range of acivities like painting, crafting, music, excursions and many further opportunities to meet other senior citizens.

Find the best place to live

If they are no longer able to remain in their own home either temporarily or permanently, senior citizens are sure to find the right place for them among more than 150 ASB nursing homes and other in-patient facilities. In this case, ASB staff approach progressive memory loss and limited mobility with proactive measures and individual support.

If elderly people do not need assistance 24/7, the ASB day care and the transport and support service can also be a suitable alternative.

Family members who are in charge of nursing have access to expert guidance through courses and a range of support services. Furthermore, there is also a discussion group where relatives can meet with people in a similar situation and share aspects of their sometimes difficult everyday lives.

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