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Promoting youth employment in Tilia | Niger

Many young people in Tilia have no prospects for their future. The ASB helps them to complete a vocational training course and provides start-up capital for their own small company. The majority of the population in Tilia live in the countryside and work as crop farmers or livestock farmers. Therefore, the project focuses on training measures in these areas. It also facilitates access to animal feed and clean water for people and their animals in the region.

The project

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    Project title: Promoting youth employment in Tilia

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    Project region: Tahoua region, Niger

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    Financing: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

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    Project volume: € 1,400,000

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    Duration: 01/10/2020 - 30/11/2023

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    Target group: Refugees, internally displaced persons and host communities

The project is located in the department of Tilia, which borders Mali. A poor security situation and an influx of Malian refugees and internally displaced persons characterise the region. The effects of climate change are also being felt in agriculture and livestock farming. Many young people lack prospects, access to vocational training and access to capital. The department of Tilia has a low employment rate: 32 per cent of the working population are unemployed or underemployed. Families usually support themselves by growing and farming their own food. The majority of the rural population lives as nomads and move from place to place with their families and animals.

How the ASB is helping in Niger

High-quality vocational training for young adults


The ASB works with the technical training centre in Tilia to promote the employability of young men and women. With the help of the ASB, the training centre in Tilia was completely renovated. Four training rooms were built, a multi-purpose room was renovated and a boarding school was created for young men and women who do not live in Tilia, as well as a hut for the support workers.

The pupils can choose between eight different nationally recognised vocational training courses. These include the fields electricity, mechanics, bakery, cooking, sewing, leather production, steelmaking and carpentry. The ASB set up five new courses and optimised three old courses. Upon completion of each course, students are provided with start-up equipment to open their own business.

In addition, nine teachers have been trained in pedagogy, adult education methods, technical training, as well as developing modules and preparing lessons.

Start-up capital for small businesses


The ASB facilitates access to start-up capital for founders of small companies to create jobs in the region. A fund of 25,000 euros is available for this. After an appeal by the ASB, a jury selected 25 of the most professional proposals from among innovative and promising project ideas. 100 young adults are currently receiving grants to carry out their group or individual projects. The start-up capital is to be used to set up 25 small businesses. The 25 projects are monitored and supervised monthly by social workers and local authorities.

Promotion of professions in the livestock sector


The ASB built a meeting space for livestock farmers in Telemces. Livestock owners can come together here and exchange experiences. Training on animal husbandry methods and materials for livestock breeding are provided. A committee has been set up to ensure transparent and comprehensive management of activities on the ground. 100 people participate in training courses offered by the ASB to promote the professions in the livestock sector. In addition, the ASB buys cattle feed for the livestock farmers’ facility, which is passed on to livestock farmers in need at a low price in times of drought.

Clean drinking water for humans and animals


In order to ensure the supply of clean drinking water to the population and animals in the region, the ASB built a water tower with a capacity of about 50 cubic metres. The water tower was connected to the drinking water network to supply the neighbourhoods in Telemces. In addition, the ASB built and rehabilitated thirteen water points and connected them to the water network. In addition, the ASB installed ten modern water taps at the shepherds’ well in Telemces.

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