We celebrate an anniversary: 100 years of ASB foreign aid

ASB´ s foreign aid celebrates its 100th birthday today, November 4, 2021. Exactly 100 years ago, on November 4, 1921, ASB's first humanitarian mission abroad began. Let's celebrate the anniversary together and come with us on a journey through time. We will take you back to the year 1921, when ASB saved people from starvation with its first foreign humanitarian aid mission in Russia. Take a look back with us at other milestones: ASB's aid in the Balkans in 1991, the mission in September 2004 after the tsunami in Southeast Asia and the severe earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. On our journey through time, you will also learn more about International Samaritan Cooperation (ISK) and our FAST team, our rapid response team abroad.

ASB's aid is directed at all people, regardless of their political, ethnic, national or religious affiliation. This applies in Germany as well as to the humanitarian aid missions abroad. The beginnings of ASB foreign aid can be found in the branches, as they solicited or provided donations to take action in the event of disasters abroad. From the first aid supplies and Samaritans with equipment, who traveled from Germany to the affected regions, the ASB country offices abroad and the cooperation with local partners were established over the years. Today, ASB is active in around 30 countries: It provides people in Haiti with clean drinking water, trains people in Indonesia in disaster preparedness or provides medical care in Mongolia. Since its inception, ASB's foreign aid has focused on three main areas: the inclusion of vulnerable groups, i.e. those in particular need of assistance, helping people to help themselves, and the sustainable fight against poverty. This focus runs through the 100-year history of ASB foreign aid - from the first humanitarian missions in Russia and the Balkans, to disaster preparedness after the tsunami in Southeast Asia, to today's climate impact adaptation measures in Central America. ASB thus pursues a sustainable approach that aims to improve the living situation in the affected regions in the long term and to prepare the inhabitants for future crises.

100 years of ASB foreign aid at a glance