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Water for social cohesion | Niger

With the help of the ASB, a deep well was built in Wilitgheriss, which allows host communities, refugees and internally displaced persons to access water. The created availability of water reduces the tensions between the communities that had been fighting over it. Moreover, clean drinking water reaches the population faster, and diseases such as cholera which are caused by polluted water are reduced.

The project

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    Project title: Water for social cohesion in Wilitgheriss

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    Project region: Tahoua region, Niger

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    Financing: PATRIP Foundation

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    Project volume: € 1,727,000

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    Duration: 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2023

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    Target group: Refugees, internally displaced persons and host communities

In recent years, the department of Tilia has been faced with ethnic tensions and growing numbers of Malian refugees and internally displaced persons. As the number of people has increased, the water shortage in the region has led to increased conflicts. State investment in the water sector is not sufficient in relation to the actual needs of the population. The water supply in the department of Tilia is 52 percent and access to water remains problematic. The village of Wilitgheriss has only one water station, so most people are forced to fetch water from Tilia, 20 kilometres away. However, the water infrastructure in Tilia is under constant pressure due to the arrival of internally displaced persons and refugees. The onset of the rainy season brings water out of ponds, which poses a significant risk to the population of becoming ill. Another challenge is the supply of water to livestock animals. They are the only source of income for the displaced and must be given water.

How the ASB is helping in Niger

Access to clean and safe drinking water


In order to reduce pressure on water resources, the ASB is constructing a deep well in Wilitgheriss. The well will be equipped with a hybrid photovoltaic pump system, a 100 cubic metre water tower, ten taps and ten fountains. A local committee is responsible for managing the well. In addition, ASB employees raise awareness among the community regarding hygiene practices, impart knowledge about the management of water chains and explain the risks of open defecation. In addition, Samaritans distribute hygiene bags with soaps and containers for the transport and storage of water. 

Social cohesion between refugees, internally displaced persons and host communities


Through training on conflict management, the ASB supports the local committees in avoiding conflicts related to water. The main objective of the project is to strengthen social cohesion between communities as well as human rights and gender equality. The project will also broadcast six radio programmes aimed at dialogue between communities. The aim is to raise awareness of social cohesion and peace in the region.

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