Relief and Welfare

ASB is a German aid and welfare organisation, engaged in areas such as civil protection, rescue services and social welfare services. As a non-political and non-denominational organisation, ASB has, since its foundation in 1888, represented continuity and reliability.

Help for refugees

ASB is helping refugees in Germany and worldwide - e.g. in Northern Iraq, Ukraine, Libanon, Serbia and Mazedonia.

Rescue services

If you need help, the ASB rescue service provides quick and professional help.

First Aid

ASB offers training in First Aid to ensure almost everyone can perform life-saving measures in an emergency.

Care for the elderly

ASB's care for the elderly wants to enable as many senior citizens as possible to lead a largely self-reliant life in their own home.

Child care and youth welfare

"Every child is unique": ASB care for children and young people is based on this motto. Here children and young people are regarded as equals, whose rights are protected and personalities are promoted.

Help for people with disabilities

ASB has a wide range of services to help people with disabilities. For example, whether they want to stay in their own home, pursue employment or look for sheltered accommodation.

ASB Foreign Aid

With its first mission abroad in 1921, Foreign Aid became a major component of the organisation. Humanitarian and democratic principles form the basis of our activities at home and abroad.

First Assistance Samaritan Teams (FAST)

In case of an emergency ASB helps as quickly as possible and as long as necessary. In order to further strengthen its response capacities, ASB is building up Emergency Response Teams – the First Assistance Samaritan Teams (FAST).

More about ASB's Foreign Aid: