Relief in Germany and worldwide

Help for refugees

ASB is helping refugees in Germany and worldwide - e.g. in Northern Iraq, Ukraine, Libanon, Serbia and Mazedonia.

Die historische Fahrradtrage des ASB. Vermutlich aus dem Jahr 1896.

Photo: ASB/Stefanie Loos

ASB says no to racism and xenophobia, fostering solidarity and social commitment among and between refugees and citizens. Thus, ASB is engaged in establishing welcome initiatives in several cities. Many projects are initiated by the organization in an effort to strengthen and to unite people.

In Germany and abroad, large numbers of volunteers support the work of ASB's staff. They show inspiration and extraordinary engagement when it comes to spending time together with the refugees, donating goods, engaging in child care or offering free language courses or first aid trainings.

ASB is helping refugees in Germany, but also worldwide. Our video gives an insight in our relief projects. Help us to help, donate now!