Partners and Networks

Overview of Partners and Networks which support ASB Foreign Aid projects

Aktion Deutschland Hilft / Germany's Relief Coalition

Germany's Relief Coalition, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, is a federation of German relief organisations that provide rapid and effective aid in the case of major catastrophes and emergency situations. ASB was a founding member of ADH in 2001.

Aktion Mensch

Aktion Mensch supports projects and provides start-up finance for organisations involved in work with the disabled, children and young people. Aktion Mensch also provides funds for setting up structured approaches to disability support in Central and Eastern European countries.

German Federal Foreign Office

The German Federal Foreign Office supports fast-response humanitarian and disaster relief aimed at saving lives in acute emergency situations.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

The goal of the Food and Agriculture Organisation is to improve the food supply situation worldwide, for example by increasing agricultural production.

European Commission Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO)

A SB is a partner of ECHO, the European Union authority responsible for humanitarian aid. ECHO awards funds for emergency and disaster relief and subsequent reconstruction.


SOLIDAR is a European network of 53 aid organisations campaigning for social and economic justice in over 90 countries worldwide. SOLIDAR is active in the areas of humanitarian aid, development cooperation, social policy, social services and lifelong learning.